Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Passover

As we draw near to the day that we celebrate the resurrection of whom most of us call Savior, Jesus the Christ, I can't help but think about the importance of His shed blood.  Till this day, honing in on the reality of the work of the cross and shedding of His blood brings me to tears, gratitude and worship.  The same blood that remitted my sins, is the same blood that forced and forces the hand of the enemy to PASS OVER me and my family in times where he wanted us killed or he wanted to outright destroy our marriage.  THE BLOOD HAS KEPT BULLETS FROM HITTING ME, FOOD FROM POISONING ME, MEN FROM RAPING ME and PEOPLE FROM DESTROYING ME!!  IT WILL NEVER LOSE ITS POWER!!  And to think....HE SHED IT FOR ME!  Little ol' Cootie from the east side of Baltimore.  There was nothing great or of major importance about me, but He chose to give me His name, making me GREAT!!  I must say...this is certainly something to celebrate and get excited about!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My first blog....FINALLY!! ('re not being April fooled!)

Good Morning!!

Today we are celebrating our youngest son, Benjamin Josiah Logan's 1st birthday.  Yaaay!!  Our household is very excited about it to say the least!!  (Right Pic: Christmas 2010 morning in Baltimore)

            Benjamin's birth and first year of life reminds me daily of God's faithfulness and fulfilment of His promises.  As the tears are popping out of my eyes (lol), I look back at how the Lord has matured and continues to mature me into motherhood.  If God hadn't asked us to release my womb to Him for Ben to come, I wouldn't have gotten a chance to see that I've grown more patient and less anxious as a mom than with my first 2 boys. With Ben's birth, I received another opportunity to see that when the Lord ADDS, He also MULTIPLIES!  He added Ben to our quiver (Psalm 127:4-5), and then multiplied provision.  I like that kind of math!!  

A big part of me wishes that he could understand what this day is about, but somehow I know all he'll do is laugh, smile, eat, sleep and make LOUD sounds like he's done every day prior to his birthday.  Although this day bears great significance, there aren't any plans to do anything grand THIS year. So, the pictures we'll take, the stories we'll tell and the cupcake we'll give him will have to do for now.  :  )